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Quality Control & Inspections

The quality of your product directly affects the success of your brand, and we’re committed to ensuring that your quality standards are met. 


Our suppliers must agree to cooperate with our inspectors and provide them with access to the production facilities and assembly lines. The most common inspection is the Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), conducted just prior to the goods leaving the factory. If required, other inspections can be scheduled as well, including site visits prior to beginning production (PPI), or oversight by an inspector during some or all of an order (OPI).


After an inspection, we’ll send you a comprehensive report which includes:

  • Photos of the production facility

  • Photos of the products, packaging, and cartons

  • List of products inspected (SKUs, desc, qty) 

  • Details of products inspected (Dimensions, Weight, Color)

  • Details and photos of any defects found

  • Checklist of tests performed and tests results/ score


Inspection reports are quality assessments and are geared to offer insight and help you understand the quality level of your products before they’re shipped out to you. A positive report (PASS) does not obligate you to accept the order, nor does a negative report (FAIL) mean that you cannot proceed.

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