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Samples & Production

Based on the project type, there are several options when it comes to samples:


Stock Samples (Wholesale & White Label Products)

For items that are already on the market and require minimal customization to the product design, we simply order stock samples from the suppliers. Basic customization such as a printed logo, can generally be added at this stage.


Custom Samples (Private Label & Original/ Patented Products)

A product that is being customized to your requirements- whether it’s an improved version of a competitor's product, or something entirely new to the market, will require a custom sample from the supplier. Samples that are simple in their design or differ slightly from a manufacturer's stock product, can generally be created without the assistance of an industrial designer. 

Some projects, such as those aiming to directly compete with a market leader,  will require multiple sample rounds, leading up to the final sample or “Golden Sample” which sets the standard for production and quality control inspections. 




Certain projects may require a prototype in order to demonstrate unique product design or functionality. Manufacturers generally have an industrial designer or team available to create the designs, and are willing to accept designs created externally as well. Necessary design files can include:

  • Technical Drawings: 2D sketches of the product design that provide additional specifications such as dimensions, tolerances, and other design parameters.

  • 3D CADs: Digital presentation of a product using Computer-Aided Design, provides the user experience similar to holding a physical product.

  • Renderings: Images or videos that display the product in real-world use, fully assembled and functional.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM): A list of components, parts, and materials needed to manufacture the product. 


Upon receiving the go-ahead (and deposit when applicable), the order is queued for production. We’ll provide updates, finalize logistics plans, and address any issues that may arise. As the order nears completion, we’ll visit the production facility and conduct our quality control inspections.

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